Join or Renew Your Membership


All memberships include a 15% discount on parts and accessories at any Wheel & Sprocket bike shop. Additionally, since BVBC has a club membership with Ride with GPS (RWGPS), your paid membership grants you access to view and print all of our club ride maps, cue sheets, and elevation profiles, as well as the ability to navigate our routes using the free RWGPS application. To access our routes via RWGPS, please contact our Ride Chair.

PLEASE NOTE: Annual dues paid cover the period from April 1st (of the year in which the dues are paid), through March 31st of the following year.

There are two options to apply for or renew your membership:

Option #1: Mail a copy of the Membership Application form with your check:

Option #2Submit Membership Application and payment online:

Your application will not be accepted until we receive both a completed application form & payment.