Bay View Bicycle Club Kits

By now you should have received an email (with the below information) outlining the details of ordering club logo jerseys, tech jackets, and shorts.

NEW THIS YEAR We are also adding standard cotton t-shirts in the same colors (green or yellow). All the items are available in men’s and women’s sizes. You will order directly from Hidden Bay Graphics.  They have set up an online store that is exclusive to the club.  Use the following URL and passcode:

Passcode: BVBC2018 (case sensitive)

June 1 is the LAST day you can place an order. Items should be shipped to you in about 4 weeks.  (If you want to keep shipping costs low, buddy up with someone or a group and place one order with one shipping address.)

SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE TO TRY ON.  We have a large number of samples of their jerseys, shorts, and tech jackets that you can try on to check the fit.  We will have these samples available at all the weekend rides between now and June 1.  One of the board members will have them, ask around when you get to the ride. They will also be available at our general membership meeting May 21. There are men’s and women’s jerseys and tech jackets to try on, but there are only men’s shorts.  Men’s and women’s shorts are cut and fit the same the only difference is the chamois. We do not have samples of the t shirts. They are true to size, so just order the size you typically wear.

There are minimum order quantities for each item. (Just to be clear, you can order any quantity you wish, but the TOTAL ordered by all club members must meet the minimum)   If the minimum number of garments are not met, the order will not be fulfilled and your money will be refunded. Minimum orders are:
-Jerseys: 6 total (color and men/women size does not matter)
-Shorts: 6 total (same as above)
-Tech Jackets: 6 total (same as above)
-T shirts: 12 short sleeve and 12 long sleeve. (color/men/women does not matter)


At the BVBC, we promote bicycling not only for its overall health benefits, but just as importantly for the opportunity to meet diverse people, create friendships, share our riding experiences as well as everyday experiences and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow bicyclists. We do it because we enjoy people and bicycles.

We have organized Club Rides in Milwaukee and the surrounding counties every weekend between April and October with a few others thrown in outside our regular season. Each ride typically has a shorter and a longer route, to accommodate all levels of biking experience.  Non-members are encouraged to join us and see what the BVBC is all about!

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