Update as of May 27, 2020:

Our weekend club rides will resume on Saturday May 30, 2020. There will be a few changes and some new guidelines, as outlined below, to our normal ride procedures to help ensure the safety of our members and guests:

  • Please REFRAIN from riding with the club if you are not feeling well, or have a known exposure to COVID-19.
  • We do not require masks, but suggest that you carry one to use prior to and following the ride and at rest stops or other situations when proper social distancing cannot be maintained. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask during the group ride, you are welcome to do so.
  • EDIT: Effective as of July 16, 2020, the city of Milwaukee has implemented a mask mandate, therefore, we now ask all riders to wear masks in compliance with Milwaukee’s mask ordinance during any portion of club rides which enter into the city of Milwaukee.
  • Maintain proper social distancing of at least 6 feet between bikes and people, and pay special attention to social distancing when stopped at intersections or when passing other cyclists or pedestrians.
  • To reduce risks of entering the airflow of another cyclist, be sure to maintain much more distance when riding behind someone, or altogether avoid being directly behind another cyclist, either by traveling side by side, when it may safely be done, or by moving together in a staggered formation.
  • Club members will not be required to sign in. The ride coordinator will note attendance and record distances for rider points.  Guests will be required to sign in for insurance purposes.
  • Copies of the cue sheets and maps will be attached to the weekly ride email for members to print at home and bring to the ride (cue sheets/maps will continue to be available at the ride start).
  • Note that rest room facilities at the ride starting locations and rest stops may not be available.


               We just finished celebrating our 30th anniversary!

BVBC logo 30th year Color-page-1

         Below is the original poster recruiting members for the club back in 1989:

BVBC logo 1989 poster-page-1

At the BVBC, we promote bicycling not only for its overall health benefits, but just as importantly for the opportunity to meet diverse people, create friendships, share our riding experiences as well as everyday experiences and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow bicyclists. We do it because we enjoy people and bicycles.

We have organized Club Rides in Milwaukee and the surrounding counties every weekend between April and October with a few others thrown in outside our regular season. Each ride typically has a shorter and a longer route, to accommodate all levels of biking experience.  Non-members are encouraged to join us and see what the BVBC is all about!

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